Low Code Application Platforms

WaveMaker Low code platform enables to build enterprise-grade applications with minimal coding saves training cost, helps to build agileteams.

What is a low-code development platform?

A low-code development platform allows non-programmers to make applications with little to no programming knowledge, through prebuilt code snippets or blocks, with a drag and drop visual interface. Furthermore, the platform eliminates the necessity for creating frameworks, linking databases, and other tasks that are typically included in traditional development. It also reduces the gap between business and IT, as both teams are working together to resolve a real business need. It makes development easier so that even people without programming skills can develop applications on their own. With low-code platforms, your IT teams can develop applications faster and with fewer errors than traditional coding.


They don’t have to spend months building an app from scratch, as these platforms provide standard components, like forms, report templates, and ready-to-use code snippets. And most low-code platforms also offer readymade applications that can be installed and customized supported user requirements.

Why go the low-code way

A low-code development platform involves an intuitive visual approach to application development, allowing developers to drag and drop components onto a canvas and then integrate these components using popup dialogs and plain language.

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