Airwheel SE3 Smart Suitcase

Airwheel SE3, a smart suitcase that can tow, ride, and act as mobile charging station on the go! It takes One-second to transform into scooter with lots of packed features that can be used while traveling. There is External USB charging port to charge portable electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets whenever and wherever possible. The Suitcase has a display screen  for monitoring, electronic brakes to protect every time. It has built in speakers to play music along the way. With APP information you can display riding speed, distance, Gears and other data, make riding more interesting.

The battery pack adopts a pluggable design, which not only facilitates the disassembly and replacement, but also effectively upgrades the battery life. It adopts the TSA customs locks designated by the US Customs and used in many countries, avoiding the violent destruction of customs inspections.




Size(Including Wheel Height): 476*350*568mm / 616*350*838mm

Capacity: 29.3L

Lock: TSA passcode lock

Rolle: 6" front motor wheel, two 8" rear inflated wheel

Max Speed: 10km/h

Material: Shell ABS+PC Frame Aluminum alloy

Smart Phone Compatibility: IOS/Andriod

Net Weight(Including Battery): 15kg

Motor Weight: 3kg

Motor Power: 250W

Battery Capacity: 162.8Wh

Charging Time: 3h

Battery Type: LIB

Battery Voltage: 36V

Removable: Yes

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