Tank io game

Most people have probably either seen or played an io game. These io games are among the most popular games for the last few years. If you're hooked on online games, your interest in IO games must be increasing day by day. There are not any limits when it comes to genres of gaming. IO games started as arcade browser games, but now there are a lot of them on Android too.

What are io games?

io games traditionally refer to games with sites that end with the domain ".io". Nowadays, io games typically ask multiplayer browser games io games became popular the discharge of Agar.io. It had simple gameplay and graphics, as compared to the mobile and computer games of the time. Regardless, Agario drew many online players which made the game super popular. It spawned tons of clones that show up daily. subsequent majorly well-received io game was Slither.io And then, an io games trend began.

Why io games are so popular?

    • Simple and fun gameplay.
    • Multiplayer, and team play, with many online players.
    • Easy to start and learn, since the games usually have continuous gameplay.

Unlike mainstream "freemium" games, io games are absolutely free, full gameplay is available without extra payments. Some io games also are available on iOS and Google Play stores.



Can I play io games?

You might consider io game running on any device since it's a browser game, but you will be mistaken. Since the game runs inside a browser it heavily uses devices resources. So on an old computer, the games could be laggy. To avoid those you do need not a very old computer and a high-speed network connection. If the game still lags, try exit full-screen mode. Also in some games you can reduce graphics quality.

What are the top 10 .io Games?

    • Agar.io
    • Slither.io
    • Diep.io
    • Gats.io
    • Brutal.io
    • Gartic.io
    • Warbot.io
    • Zombs.io
    • Wings.io
    • Deeeep.io

All the globe is an arena game and therefore the men and ladies are merely gamers. IO Games are essentially simple, minimalistic multiplayer games like slither.io or tenk.io where you'll play in real-time against other players from everywhere on the planet. The games themselves are often simple like Bois.io or Astrix.io But as the genre has grown so to has the standard of both the art and mechanics, you'll now enjoy IOgames that are first-person shooters, real-time strategy games, 2D Shooters, and even side-scrolling run and guns! the planet is changing and IO Games are changing right along with it. we provide a large variety of IO games that can be played on a desktop or your mobile device. And you’ll want to play these games everywhere.

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Low Code Application Platforms

WaveMaker Low code platform enables to build enterprise-grade applications with minimal coding saves training cost, helps to build agileteams.

What is a low-code development platform?

A low-code development platform allows non-programmers to make applications with little to no programming knowledge, through prebuilt code snippets or blocks, with a drag and drop visual interface. Furthermore, the platform eliminates the necessity for creating frameworks, linking databases, and other tasks that are typically included in traditional development. It also reduces the gap between business and IT, as both teams are working together to resolve a real business need. It makes development easier so that even people without programming skills can develop applications on their own. With low-code platforms, your IT teams can develop applications faster and with fewer errors than traditional coding.


They don’t have to spend months building an app from scratch, as these platforms provide standard components, like forms, report templates, and ready-to-use code snippets. And most low-code platforms also offer readymade applications that can be installed and customized supported user requirements.

Why go the low-code way

A low-code development platform involves an intuitive visual approach to application development, allowing developers to drag and drop components onto a canvas and then integrate these components using popup dialogs and plain language.

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Dental Practices For Sale

Many dentists find themselves in situations where it can be difficult to manage a professional practice in seeing day to day patients as well as manage the business. Any dental practice requires extensive management just like any other business. Because of the challenges of managing a dental business, there are many dentists that turn to assistance from dental support organizations. Dental support organizations offer assistance to dental professionals. These organizations assist with critical business management and support the process of daily operations on the business side of dentistry. When a dentist is able to turn over non-clinical duties to a support network, they can finally have dedicated professionals to assist with bookkeeping, marketing, maximizing patient experience and more.


With a DSO, a dentist can focus on bringing great experiences in dental care to their patients without all of the supervision and daily requirements that it takes to run a business. Through the support of professional office management and ongoing improvements to any dental clinic that a DSO provides, it is possible to see ongoing benefits for the business and for every patient. Choosing to work with a DSO can help dentists to free up time, eliminate stress, meet all the requirements for a local business and improve staff morale too. Trying to wear many hats in a dental practice can often leave a dentist strained and overworked. By choosing the affordable option of a dental support organization, you can get the support that is needed to help you on the business side without having to sacrifice the quality of work in your practice.

Dental Support Organization

You’ve built a successful dental practice, but now it’s time to move on to the next chapter of your life. Let us make the dental practice transition easy, straight-forward and pain-free. Selling a dental practice is a complex and multifaceted process. Navigating the steps alone can make selling your dental practice seem like more trouble than it’s worth. We take a tailored approach to ensure the sale goes smoothly.


From evaluating the value of your dental practice to finding serious and qualified buyers to getting you a fair price, Health Care Practice Sales will be by your side. Our goal is to facilitate the sale of a dental practice in a seamless transition minimizing problems and difficulties by taking the burden off the doctor.

Call Dr. Gary at 201-663-0935 for a Free Market Analysis.

Onewheel Pint Slate

Onewheel Pint is a unique combination of a hoverboard and e-skateboard, The Onewheel Pint! looks like a skateboard cyclops but rides like a snowboard! Getting from A to B has never been cooler. With only one wheel, this hybrid e-skateboard/EUC features tight turns and incredible maneuverability. The large air tire gives you a smooth ride and just the right amount of grip you need to carve and shred the streets in fashion.There's no two ways about it: this thing is an absolute riot to whip around town. A OneWheel Pint will quickly turn into your favourite ridable device. In terms of feel, the Onewheel is a near perfect hybrid of snowboarding and longboarding with just a pinch of jet-ski thrown into the mix (because you need throttle to turn). If riding it doesn't unlock the chest where you keep your joy, there is a wide variety of riding styles that you can customize on the app! Traveling via Onewheel definitely injects a high dose of fun into my morning and evening commutes. But it's also quite practical in many situations!

Onewheel Pint Specs:

Range: 6-8 Miles

Recharge Time: 2 Hours (With Pint Ultracharger 50 Minutes)

Weight: 23 lbs

Top Speed: 16 mph

Motor: 750W Hypercore® hub motor

Battery: NMC


Sensors: Solid state MEMS 6-DOF

Tire: 10.5in x 4.5-6in Onewheel

Max lean angle: >30 degrees

Size: 8.75in x 10.5in x 27in (222mm x 266mm x 689mm)

Rider Age: Recommended for riders 14 years of age and older

Rider Weight: 250 lbs (114kg) Max


Riding down hill can actually regenerate your battery charge, but be careful not to exceed 100% charge.

Riding in hilly or unpaved terrain can significantly reduce range.

Top speeds of 16MPH are common but rely on extremely competent riding to avoid disaster.

Leaderboards in the official Onewheel app are capped and you will not set a higher score than is currently listed (instead, it will be tied).

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